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QuillBot is Essential for Writing

When I was in college writing more papers than any professor probably read, I wish I had QuillBot.

Early in my career as a content writer and copywriter, I also wished I had known about QuillBot.

Now, guess what I use these days to make sure my clients receive the most professional, finished copy possible?

You guessed it! It’s QuillBot.

Both Microsoft Word and Google Docs are wonderful word-processing programs. However, neither one of them has ever been able to detect the many quirks that are characteristic of the English language.

While Grammarly did provide some much-needed assistance, I always struggled to keep my subscription active. I survived on the free version for years before a Black Friday sale prompted me to make the purchase.

Ultimately, I didn’t continue my subscription because it didn’t provide everything I knew I wanted in a typing assistant. So, I bounced between Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and Wordtune to complete my work.

When I came across QuillBot, I wasn’t sure I wanted to purchase it. That’s mostly because I assumed they were solely a grammar-checking software.

As a copywriter, I’m a sucker for a bunch of features and benefits. Aside from testimonials, that’s how you effectively sell a product.

QuillBot OVER delivered with five (5) free grammar tools, six (6) writing options, five (5) citation tools, great pricing, three (3) web extension options, and a wealth of resources to make both a word nerd and someone who dislikes writing feel like a pro.

Let’s go over what you get with a free and paid QuillBot subscription.

Free Grammar Tools

Editing your own work is honestly kind of scary. Your eyes will unconsciously deceive you. 

One of the biggest problems clients have is that their copywriter doesn’t have a finished assest, meaning it lacks copyediting.

I use QuillBot to create a complete experience. My clients are able to copy their assets from a Word Doc into their email autoresponder or on a webpage.

QuillBot provides free grammar tools to make your wordy workflow easier.

  • Grammar Checker – Squash your beef with spelling errors like typos, comma splices, awkward prepositions, subject-verb agreement, and those pesky there, their, and they’re mistakes.
  • Proofreader – Copywriters need to also be copyeditors, so you bet I love using the proofreader! It helps me eliminate confusion between similar words and offers a lot of clarity in my sentence structures.
  • Spell Checker – Everything looks like it’s spelled correctly, but that’s hardly ever the case. The spell checker checks my “I’m a great speller” ego every time.
  • Punctuation Checker – No more wondering where those punctuation marks really go, especially those commas.
  • Essay Checker – Their AI goes to work making sure your essay is consistent and accurate. When you turn that paper in, you will feel confident that you did everything you could.

All of these grammar tools are available in English (covering US, UK, CA, and AU dialects), Spanish, French, and German.

Writing Tools

Now, let’s talk about my FAVS.

  • The Paraphrasing Tool alone is worth the money! My work involves writing the way people speak, but sometimes it just doesn’t read right. This is where QuillBot shines for me.
    • They have nine (9) modes for paraphrasing your text. My favorites are fluency, creative, and simple. QuillBot recently added a custom mode where I can pick the tone I’m looking for. This is perfect for when I’m writing in different brand voices.
  • Summarizer is able to generate new paragraphs and pull the most important sentences out of your text.
    • When I inevitably write too much or not enough, I use the Summarizer to shorten or lengthen my text. Plus, I love being able to cherry-pick the keywords I want to include in the output.
  • The QuillBot AI co-writer is the ultimate co-writing assistant that takes your writing experience to another level.
    • It provides multiple tools that allow you to research and write simultaneously while incorporating all the standard features you need to have a presentable final document.
  • Having the Plagiarism Checker means knowing your work is ethically cited every time.
  • The Word Counter tells you how many words and characters are in your doc, including the option to count spaces.
  • The QuillBot Translator can detect and translate 34 languages! Impressive.

Citation Tools

The QuillBot Citation Tools are all free.

They include the general Citation Generator, APA Citation Generator, and the MLA Citation Generator. (These would have made my college life SO much easier!)

You can search via web pages, journal articles, books, videos, images, and more, or manually create your own citation.

More Options

I love that I’m able to also use QuillBot as an extension in Chrome and Word. (It’s also available for macOS.)

Everything I write is in Google Docs, so it’s convenient to have QuillBot check in on me like a bestie as I write. Sometimes I’m not paying attention when I’m writing my emails as well. The extension saves me from the typing errors we’re all guilty of.

QuillBot is great for students, too. They have resources to help them research and write with more fluency and accuracy. It’s also trusted by numerous universities across the world.

I’m also a big fan of having the option to pause my subscription when I want to take time off from my business.

When I work at night (which is about 80–90% of the time), I truly appreciate the dark mode feature as well.


While I do love the free version of QuillBot, I opted for the Premium subscription so I could have unlimited access to every feature. Plus, it costs less than most online grammar tools.

So, if you’re hanging out on the fence about choosing an editing tool for your work, try QuillBot for free for 3 days. 

P.S. I may earn a commission if you use my link.

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