Getting tripped up by 5 freak'n sales emails?

Then let's get your freebie to sales pitch email sequence written with email copywriter-level guidance without the expert price tag.

One day you’ll get to writing those emails, right?


Whether you’re in the process of creating a high-value freebie or it’s already done and waiting, you know that email follow-up is everything (aka the connection and the sale).

You’re a business owner, so the work doesn’t scare you, but where do you start?


You know how lead magnets work. A freebie won’t give you the customized experience you deserve. You don’t just want the meh appetizer that’s on the house.


Piecing together Google-generated queries takes more time than actually writing your emails. So, let’s skip that non-option, shall we?


How-to Instagram tips are incomplete and don’t provide the confidence to write your emails. You don’t just want to be tipped off.


AI-generated email copy won’t end well if everyone in your niche is using the same prompt. Generic is a blunt knife that ain’t gonna cut it.

So, you’re now feeling sensitive. And by that, I mean...​

Expertise sensitive

You’re not a copywriter, but you do you damn well. Your personal touch and brand voice are your secret sauce.

Still, you want guidance to make sure you’re being customer-conscious and strategic, too.

Price sensitive

You want the professional email copywriter vibe without the expert email copywriter price tag.

You’re searching for a cost-conscious solution that’ll give you all the guidance you need.

Time sensitive

You're ready to launch, but you’re caught up with the email copywriting step of the good ol' marketing funnel.

You know it’s valuable, but you're also too busy to figure it all out on your own without some support.

A welcome sequence can be easier-than-you-think to write and budget-friendly.

How do I know emails can be easy?

Once upon a time I’ll never forget, I had to learn how to write my first welcome sequence when I was trying to be an ads manager.

The method I was being taught was to copy-and-paste. As a creative writer, I hated it. 

I preferred to test what would work, even if it meant I lost time and money. And that I did.

Like you, I was over the less than personalized approach to copywriting. I knew that if I had been guided from the start, I would have been able to write good email copy.

Lucky for you, I took a few fancy copywriting courses and wrote a lot of emails so you don’t have to!

I know how to write a strategic but still on-brand and personality-infused email sequence. 

It was easier than I thought, and that’s why I have so much confidence that you can write your emails, too.

So, it’s time to hit send with the…

Freebie to Sales Email Sequence Workbook

An expert-created, customizable, start-it-yahself blueprint to *finally* tick those 5 emails off your to-do list for $49!

Re: What’s Included?

  • Professional grade email copywriting and marketing tips
  • A 5-part email sequence strategy build
  • 6 trackers – 1 for your overall strategy and 1 per email
  • Multiple headline ideas
  • Preview copy suggestions
  • Body copy guidance
  • Closing recommendations
  • Complete sample email example of every piece of copy
Freebie to Sales Email Sequence Workbook

Here’s what you can expect.

  1. Ease, confidence, and clarity as you write, knowing you’re being guided by an expert that leaves you room to be you.
  2. Reassurance via the email sample means you have a reference point at any given time in your writing.
  3. All the email tips you need to feel prepared to win over your audience.

“I hired Nadia for an email sequence. Not only did she deliver me great copy, she gave me EXTRA emails to use!

She also provided marketing pointers that proved to be extremely helpful.”​

Jamie C.

Breakup Coach

Everyone’s talking about email ROI.

why wouldn't they?

Email ROI stands at $36 for every $1 spent (2022).

You have the potential to make $1764 by investing in the Freebie to Sales Email Sequence Workbook.

a 5-part DFY sales email sequence estimate

$150 ($30/email)
novice copywriter

$500+ ($100+/email)
intermediate-to-expert copywriter

To get the blueprint you can use over and over again for writing your own email copy without that price tag? 

A one-time payment of:

strategic and customized

Write. Send. Connect.
Sales. Repeat.

With a great offer, sales page, and emails, you have the potential to make connections and conversions.

So, let’s put a full stop to

  • Using free copy-and-paste resources; generic is the definition of a conversion killer.
  • DIY with no guidance; that only leads to a lack of engagement and sales.
  • Outsourcing; at this point, it’s either going to cost more than it’s worth or it’s gonna take time you don’t have.

Answers for Great Questions

You’ll get the link to your product, and you’ll be emailed the link as well. Then hopefully you’ll pop it open and get to putting the WORK in workbook.

Because you’ll get the link to this very digital product immediately, I can’t offer a refund. So, feel free to send me a DM or an email to make any clarifications before you make the investment.

It’s budget-friendly! It’s $49 for you to write it instead of $450 for me to. You’ll get ideas and examples galore. It’ll feel like I’m your guardian angel on your computer screen.

I’m always investing in expanding my copywriting business in expected (like taking copywriting courses) and unique ways (such as integrating messaging).

I’m passionate about providing as many opportunities as I can to meet clients wherever they are.

5 emails off my to-do list, please.

It’s time to put the work in workbook.