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Brand Voice Mini Workbook

Turn your brand’s voice on and turn it up loud!

Understanding the foundation of your brand voice and creating its unique style keeps you from blending in with every other business online, especially the ones selling a similar service or product.

I created this FREE mini workbook to help you get started so you can plant the seeds of a strong brand voice.


  • What a brand voice is
  • Why you need a brand voice
  • How to create the fundamentals of your brand voice
  • Choosing your brand and customer archetypes
  • Crafting a voice as it relates to everything above

Lead Magnet Delivery Email Sequence

Get the perfect super-powered companion for Coaches, Course Creators, and Service Providers. It’ll guide you through the entire email copywriting process, from delivering your freebie to nurturing your audience towards your upsell.


  • Professional email copywriting and marketing tips
  • A 5-part email sequence strategy build
  • 6 trackers – 1 for your overall strategy and 1 per email
  • Headline ideas
  • Preview copy tips
  • Body copy guidance
  • Closing recommendations
  • Sample email example of every piece of copy
  • Email platform ideas
  • What stats to track to stay organized
  • What to do after you write your emails

Brand Voice Workbook

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