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Ideal Client Avatar

When I learned how to be a brand messaging strategist, one of the exercises we had to do was create an ideal client avatar.

I hated it, but I didn’t know why.

It just felt weird to angle my marketing, copy, content, and messaging toward a fictional person.

This is hilarious because creating and developing a character is something I thoroughly enjoy as a creative writer.

You may not know this about me, but I used to create elaborate character profiles online for over a decade. This was during my role-playing days, when I’d write with other creatives online. I started when I was 13!

I finally figured out why I didn’t like creating an ideal client avatar: I didn’t have a clear picture of who I wanted to speak to.

Well, technically, I did, but I was lost in a mix of excitement and denial.

  • Excitement because it was so cool to learn about developing messaging! It was new and fun, so I didn’t ground my energy and focus into paying close attention.
  • Denial because I didn’t want to admit that I wanted to speak to a certain kind of person. I was scared of repulsion or excluding people, so I became a magnet for all sorts of mismatched clients.

It was a sick kind of irony to think I couldn’t develop my own messaging. I wondered how I could possibly offer it as a service to others.

Cue imposter syndrome and why I didn’t market this offer (re: myself) enough!

The thing is, sometimes the thing we’re good at for others isn’t the thing we’re good at for ourselves. That’s three things in one sentence (get it?).

What I mean is, sometimes we’re our own blind spots. Whether it’s denial, excitement, shame, or another emotion, we all face uncertainty about our capabilities.

Fun fact: my first messaging client was a brand messaging strategist herself! She hired me because she realized she was her own blind spot. She knew who she wanted to speak to, but she needed an objective outlet as well.

What is brand messaging?

Brand messaging is the holistic umbrella that houses everything about your communication.

It provides parameters by way of your core message, tone, who you’re speaking to (target audience or ideal client), what you say, as well as your values, mission, vision, and so forth.

Developing your target audience

After my denial phase ended, I could finally see and hear my ideal client clearly.

I was able to not only write about my ideal character—I mean, client—but it was fun and effortless! A stream of content ideas and succinct copy flowed because I could see Nina Holiday. (That’s my ideal client’s name, BTW. Here’s a post about her.)

This lesson also taught me that you can’t rush the messaging process. It’s okay to not know exactly who you want to speak to at first. Experience shapes your messaging, too.

You don’t need to niche down right away or hire someone ASAP to create a messaging and voice guide you’re not ready for.

I’ve written for more clients without a clear brand voice than I have with ones that do, but they had some seeds of messaging I was able to sow into their copy to get them started.

It’s clear that brand messaging strategy isn’t the right service for someone who

  • Wants to be a generalist and speak to everyone (again, that’s okay for now because we’re all learning)
  • Is scared to speak only to the person they want to work with (your confidence will grow)
  • Fears excluding the people they don’t want to work with (don’t force yourself, friend)

I’m also more excited to speak up about the power of brand messaging and voice because I was personally on both sides of the fence.

Now, you have two options.

Do your own messaging

If you’re still figuring out the kinks, go ahead and download my Copy & Messaging bundle for free. Inside, you’ll find a wealth of resources, including a Messaging Guide.

It’ll help you develop the fundamentals of your message as well as who you want to speak to and how you want to speak to them. Use this guide to help you find your Nina Holiday!

Delegate your messaging

If you have your Nina and you want to speak to her/him/them more clearly, then you’re ready for my messaging services.

I’ll take the seeds of your ideas and turn them into a powerful guide you can reference at any time. It’ll also be very helpful if you decide to outsource your copywriting and content writing!

Before… I was at a crossroads of realizing I needed to go deeper with my brand/brand messaging but unsure how to do it by myself. I had reached a plateau that I realized I wasn’t speaking to my ideal client about the things I really wanted to speak to her about. I decided to work with [Nadia] on my Brand Messaging.

After… I feel more grounded with my brand and like it’s anchored into something real and tangible. My values + conviction codes feel really clear. Nadia is full of woo…  [and] supported me until I was satisfied + happy with the final result and I really appreciate that. 

Miana Melendez

Intuitive Coach + Brand Strategist​

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