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3 Reasons to Work with a Creative Copywriter


I’m sure you’re well aware of storytelling in marketing by now. These days, you have to do more than tell people about the features of your offer.

And if you’re confused about why your offer isn’t selling, it might be storytelling’s fault. She made marketing interesting.

Storytelling is becoming more popular among marketers and copywriters, but creative (copy)writers like me have always done it. (Hi there!)

Let’s bring it back a bit, shall we?


What’s a Copywriter?

A copywriter is someone who writes words (aka copy) with the end goal of getting a reader to take a specific action.

For example, when you see an ad, the copywriter positions the CTA (call to action) for you to click the ad. This then takes you to a landing page.

This page is typically short and sweet (for a reason), and it often asks you for your name and email before you unlock the free content promised in the ad. When you click to sign up, that’s another action a copywriter wants you to take.

This is called persuasive copywriting, conversion copywriting, or direct response copywriting because it’s intention is to illicit a response.

What’s the difference between a copywriter and a creative copywriter?

A creative copywriter has the same goal: getting a reader to take action. However, this kind of person is often a creative writer first. That means we’re artists at heart.

Think about someone you know who’s creative. They’re often passionate and charismatic because the love they pour into their art is always felt.

So, let’s talk about the three ways in which our taste for written artistry is a benefit to you.

Creative copywriters are natural storytellers.

We have built-in knowledge of how to create immaculate storylines, develop unforgettable characters, and form new worlds that feel real ASF—all from nothing but our imaginations.

Think about the last TV show or movie you watched or the last book you read. It made you feel like the people, places, and experiences were real (that's why you binge-watch Netflix).

We are good at making you care about people, worlds, and stories that do not exist.

So when you pair our natural gifts with your passion for your offer, you’ll get copy that’s full of life (but tangible because your offer isn’t imagined, right? The answer is yes here).

Creative copywriting involves strategic thinking.

We know how to get someone to keep turning a page, so we know how to get someone to keep reading your ad, emails, and those long-winded sales pages.

We see the macro picture of the end, and we intuitively know how to size it down to micro pieces of digestible copy.

Signing up for your offer is the big picture, but what gives it life is:

  • Understanding and implementing your brand’s message and voice
  • Seamlessly incorporating market and customer research
  • Injecting the right amount of sales psychology into your copy without losing the heart.
  • Creative copywriters are ethical marketers.

    Because we're writers first, our ethical compass is sharper than that of a typical non-writer or marketer. We were taught never to plagiarize or take other shortcuts to written excellence.

    We focus on the reader as a real person who doesn’t want to be manipulated into something they don’t want or need.

    So, not only will we persuade your audience, but we do it in a way that’s unlike the more aggressive sibling of bro-marketing. You can always expect genuine, tasteful, and attractive copy.

    Creative copywriters are word magicians. We don’t need to just leverage pain points or other tacky sales tactics for the sake of it. We have more imaginative tools to rely on.

    Do you need a creative copywriter?

    If you’re a fan of selling your offers and want to integrate the best technique (re: storytelling) for delivering your brand’s message, developing rich connections with your audience, and, of course, selling your offer, then a creative copywriter is your best asset.

    We are natural storytellers who are inherently strategic and highly ethical in our craft.

    Thinking about working with a Creative Copywriter? Click to learn more about my services.

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