How being a lifelong Creative Writer made me a better Copywriter.

Think of your favorite book, movie, TV show, podcast, or artist…

What do you feel? Excited? Happy? Hopeful? Inspired? Thrilled?

You’re probably NOT going to say it makes you feel awful. It’s your favorite because it makes you feel good. It satisfies something in your soul.

That’s exactly what Copywriting should feel like when you read it: like a fav. It’s precisely how it should be written, without using your pains and fears as leverage for conversion.

As your Creative Copywriter, the elements in written artistry come first. This means your copy is an experience, not a sales gimmick.

You and your business should evoke emotions associated with a favorite. Ready to play real favorites?

How it started.

Writing and reading every day growing up was my version of normal. But, when it was time to choose my major for college, I was afraid of being exposed as an inadequate writer, so I chose my fear instead.

That decision affected me over the years. I scarcely made it through a novel each year, and I couldn’t complete any of my book ideas. I went from proudly introducing myself as a Writer to not bringing it up for almost a decade.

Still, I never stopped trying to write.

Over 4 years ago, I started blogging, and eventually, I became a paid Content Writer.

Yet, I began to feel uninspired. I dragged simple 2-hour tasks out over 5 or more days. Not writing felt better than this loathing. Naturally, I was haunted by wondering if there was more…

Perhaps Facebook overheard me. I was funneled with a well-written ad to a webinar to investing high-ticket dollars to learn Ads Management with a coach that promised a mom like me could make an impact and money. But, It was the copywriting that really spoke to me.

Then I learned the secrets to great copywriting.

  • Pain points.
  • Reusing copy.
  • False scarcity tactics.
  • Triggering emotions for conversions.

Sales psychology didn’t feel good to write or read, especially for someone with a Psych degree. It didn’t match my values as a Writer or person. My $6k investment became an expensive lesson learned.

A few months after getting out of the marketing industry, I saw an ad using desire-based copy instead of fear. Cue ah-ha moment: positive psychology and creative writing could create moving copy!

I was ready to go back in, but imposter syndrome followed. I buckled and tried two well-known Copywriting programs to make myself feel more worthy of the Copywriter title. These programs were all based on sales psychology.

I knew I needed to be bold and create a way to incorporate natural authenticity into copywriting. I had to be who I am now: a Creative Copywriter.

Creative Copywriting

where my love for connecting with phenomenal people through words meets your need for a stellar storyteller.

Creative Copywriting

where my love for connecting with phenomenal people through words meets your need for a stellar storyteller.

How it's going.

If you desire to lead by being yourself first, you don’t have to compromise with conversion first copy. Who you are, who you serve, how you make magic is enough. 

You just need copy that speaks like you and for you without getting lost in just conversion. 

Are you ready to let go of tactics, hacks, and other strategies that don’t feel good? Are you willing to let your authenticity be your guide/compass? 

Then it’s possible to connect, transform lives, and make sales with copy that also feels real damn good!

If you've got 99 ~zone of genius things to do, copywriting ain't gotta be one of 'em.

Let's Copy & Flow.

This is how we can work together.

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  • Connection Call

    This free 15-30 mins introductory call finalizes if your goals, my expertise, and our energy are compatible.

  • Contract & Q's

    If we both agree, I'll send you a contract detailing the scope of work. After signing, I'll send you a comprehensive brand questionnaire, and I'll do some preliminary research.

  • Copywriting+

    Once I have your completed questionnaire, I'll begin customer and market research so I can create an outline (or wireframe) for your approval. After finalizing the nuisance, I'll start writing (and editing) the first draft.

  • Delivery & debrief

    I'll deliver the written goods to you for any adjustments and final approval. You'll get the final copy and a best practices debrief document to assist you moving forward. I'll also request a testimonial. 

    Follow Up - We broke digital bread together, and it's important for me to reach out in a few weeks to see how my work impacted your business. 

Which of these jobs have I had?

1.Truck Driver

2. Cashier

3. Recycler

4. Prison Therapist

5. All of the above

(>> tap to see answer <<)

The answer is...

All of the above!

I've worked as a Cashier a few times as a teen.

My work-study in college was Recycler, and Prison Therapy was my first job out college.

I was also a truck driver in 48 states in the U.S. for a year.

Creative Copywriter is my favorite title so far!

Ready to go all in?