Copywriting & Branding Services

Creative Copywriting and Brand Messaging for Wildcard Entrepreneurs

So, you want your copy done… just not by you.

Whether you’re good at writing or not, you’re already busy running your business to take on the role of copywriter, too.

Conducting market and customer research, incorporating the right blend of what you want to say and what your ideal customer wants to hear, using your brand voice, ethically using sales psychology, and way too many edits might not be your version of a good time.

But it’s definitely mine.

Whether it’s a matter of expertise, time, or both, take a virtual seat and lay your copywriting burdens on me.

My writing superpower is being able to think and write like you for you— no weird body-snatching, pain-infused tactics, or fear-mongering necessary.

The Write Process

Fill out the inquiry form. I’ll contact you to set up an appointment if I believe we could be a good fit.

We’ll hop on a 20- to 30-minute discovery chat to make sure your goals are in alignment with my skill sets and availability.

If we decide to work together, I’ll send you an official contract along with your invoice. If you bundle any of my services, you get 10% off.


Next, I start your project!

  • If this is for copywriting or copy retainer, I’ll send you one or two custom questionnaires to cover your offer and brand messaging.
  • For brand messaging, we’ll hop on a 60-90 minute call to craft your signature brand messaging and guidelines.


We’ll go through a draft or two along with your revisions before you take your final copy to the digital streets to do the WORK!

You also get access to me via Slack (or email) for up to 2 weeks after your project wraps up for any minor follow-up questions.

  • Goddess and Spirituality Influencer, Coach & Course Creator
  • Womb Wellness Coach
  • Mental Fitness Coach
  • Breakup Coach & Course Creator
  • Panel Moderator & Speaker
  • Course Creation Agency
    • Clients include Birthing Coach, Influencer & Content Creator, and Bookkeeping & Accounting Coach
  • Ad Agencies
    • Clients include Diet & Wellness, Psychology, and Real Estate
  • Business Coaching Agency
    • Clients include Adult Travel and Pet Care
  • E-Commerce
    • Clients include Crystal Shop and Clothing Store
  • Launch Agency
  • Vegan Food Restaurant
  • Professional Listener
  • Psychology
  • B2B SaaS & Hotel


Stroll to It

Brand Messaging

$1000 investment


When we work together on your brand voice, it’ll be all ctrl+u – NEVER ctrl+c and ctrl+v someone else. 

When you don’t have a distinct voice in the digital space, it’s easy to be overlooked because you sound like every other somebody, and to unconsciously mimic someone else that’s standing out.

So, become the brand people want to imitate!

Work with me to get a soundproof brand messaging guide that provides cohesive communication across all your copy and content.

A multi-page word document guide that covers:

  • Brand positioning statement
  • Brand Promise
  • 4-6 core values & its conviction codes
  • Mission statement
  • Brand story development
  • Brand profile archetype
  • Customer profile archetype
  • Rally cry or manifesto
  • 4-6 complimentary brand tones
  • 8-10 phraseologies
  • 3-5 relevant emojis
  • A 60-90 LIVE call
  • Up to 2 revisions
  • 2-4 weeks


  • Mini brand story (perfect for web pages and social media)
  • IG bio
  • 34+ page, simple designed brand guide in Canva in your brand colors and fonts


When you bundle other services, you get 10% off.

  • Website copy
  • Sales page
  • Email sequences


Sales Page

$1500 investment


Your offer is definitely a standout. So, it deserves its own page that does all the persuasive talking.

A sales page with an authentic flow and personality allows for connection and conversation. So, let’s take your potential customer all the way down your rabbit hole of transformation.

  • Long-form sales page (plus wireframe)
  • Integration of brand voice, customer/market research
  • Headlines and CTAs
  • 2 revisions
  • 2-4 weeks timeline

  • Get sales page rewrite for $800.
  • Get short form copy for $800.

When you bundle other services, you get 10% off.

  • Website copy
  • Brand messaging
  • Email sequences
  • Market research

Web Copy

$1800 investment


Whoever said you don’t need a website probably hasn’t experienced its full power. Name a BIG brand that doesn’t have a website… (I can’t wait forever, so let’s move on.)

A website is a perfect hub for your ideal customer to freely learn about your business or brand, offers, and how you can specifically serve them.

Add a layer of legitimacy and accessibility with on-brand website copywriting!

  • 5 pages of web copy (home, about, services, 404, and 1 flex page)
  • Wireframe of each page
  • Integration of brand voice, customer/market research
  • Your pre-defined SEO keywords
  • Headlines and CTAs
  • 2 revisions
  • 2-4 weeks timeline

  • Get home page rewrite for $400 and $200 for about & service pages each.

When you bundle other services, you get 10% off.

  • Additional flex pages (store, resources, blog, portfolio, contact)
  • Product descriptions 
  • Brand messaging
  • Email sequences
  • Market/customer research

Email Sequences

Investment starts at $350-800


Emails infused with authenticity and personality make people wonder who you are and where you’ve been all their lives. 

These emails are ideal for lead magnet delivery, welcome sequences, monthly/ongoing nurturing, sales, launches, and everything in between.

  • Nurture & welcome sequences begin at 5 emails ($350)
  • Sales & launch sequences begin at 10 emails ($800)
  • Emails integrated with your brand voice, customer/market research
  • 2 subject lines per email
  • 1 preview line per email
  • 1-2 CTAs per email
  • 2 revisions
  • 2-4 weeks timeline

When you bundle other services, you get 10% off.

  • Additional emails
  • Website copy
  • Brand messaging
  • Email sequences
  • Market research
  • Need email rewrites? It’s $50 per email.


Copy Retainer

starts at $1600 for 20 hours


Need a Copywriter on hand without having to outsource to someone new every.single.time you need something written?

Of course you do!

Let me be your go-to, ongoing, “on-staff” Copywriter and Brand Strategist for all your projects.

  • 20 hours $1600
  • 30 hours $2300
  • 40 hours $2800
  • Copy integrated with your brand voice, customer/market research
  • Brand Messaging
  • Landing Pages
  • Web Copy
  • Emails
  • Sales Pages
  • Copy Audits, Critiques, and Edits
  • Lead Magnets
  • Ad Copy
  • Social Media (captions and bio)
  • Product descriptions
  • 2 revisions per project
  • Use service across 1-4 months

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