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Spiritual Copywriter & Brand Messaging Strategist for Soulprenuers

Are you ready to create a soulful message & copy?

So, you’re a spiritual entrepreneur who’s thinking about or ready to outsource your branding and/or copy.

Well, you’re in the right place! 

Whether you’re good at writing or not, you’re already too busy running your business to take on the role(s) of brand messaging strategist and copywriter, too.

There’s conducting and incorporating market and customer research, marketing and branding strategies, ethically using psychological and conversion triggers, hooks, storytelling formulas, and so much more to consider…

Your energy is your
greatest asset and resource.

My writing superpower is being able to think and write like you, for you.

Delegating is a better use of your time and money. So see all the ways we can partner together to create the message and copy that’s attuned to your goals below.

Stroll to It

Brand Messaging Magic

$2000 investment

magic (măj′ĭk) the art of creating and sharing your natural charms

Speaking your most aligned message requires an intuitive, soul-guide brand strategy.

Our sessions pull from your infinite spiritual well. With divine guidance, your message can be created authentically, delivered effortlessly, and received accurately.

With a unified messaging and voice guide, you’ll be able to deliver your message with clarity and courage. I’ll use the Jungian, Human Design, and/or Astrology assessments to create a deeper understanding.

Plus, when it’s time to write your copy, you’ll have a wealth of material to pull from and repurpose, even if you’re outsourcing.

With your magic in your message, you know the universe will do the rest by opening up the path to your most ideal clients yet.

Are you ready to create and deliver a message that’s attuned to you?

A multi-page word document guide that covers:

  • Brand positioning statement
  • Brand promise
  • 4-6 core values
  • Conviction codes
  • Mission statement
  • Brand story development
  • Brand and customer profile archetypes (using Jungian, Human Design, and/or Astrology)
  • Rally cry or manifesto
  • 4-6 complimentary brand tones
  • 8-10 phraseologies
  • 3-5 relevant emojis
  • 2-3 60 minutes LIVE call
  • Up to 2 revisions
  • 3-4 weeks
  • Mini brand story (perfect for web pages and social media)
  • IG bio
  • 34+ page, simple designed brand guide in Canva in your brand colors and fonts

Inquire for a custom guide if more is required.

When you bundle other services, you get 10% off.

  • Website copy
  • Sales page
  • Email sequences
  • Copy auditing
  • Market and/or customer research

Soulful Sales Page

$2500 investment

soulful (sōl′fəl), full of and expressing deep feelings

Selling can feel genuine and fun as it connects and converts!

You know your offer is a standout because you put your soul into creating it. 

When it comes to selling your course, services, or products, you don’t have to compromise your divine essence with low-vibrating marketing tactics.

At the heart of a soulful sales page copy is the awareness that words are powerful vehicles of energy. 

By partnering with a spiritual copywriter who shares your values, you’ll be able to infuse your copy with the same dedication to authenticity and integrity that you cherish.

So, let’s create a soulful message that reaches and inspires your audience!

  • Long-form sales page (plus wireframe)
  • Integration of brand voice and customer/market research
  • Headlines and CTAs 
  • 2 revisions
  • 3-4 weeks timeline
  • Sales page rewrite, $1000
  • Short form sales page, $1000

When you bundle other services, you get 10% off.

  • Email sequences
  • Brand messaging guides
  • Website copy
  • Market and/or customer research

Wooing Website Copy

$3000 investment

woo (woo͞), to seek affection or favor with an intention to begin a relationship

Grounding your business or brand into the digital reality with a website requires a blend of conscious and creative copy.

With a spiritual copywriter, you can bring your soulful message to life so that your audience can connect with your soul’s mission rather than just your products or services.

Together, we can create a mood that reflects your infinite spiritual essence and elevates your business’s vibration!

  • 5 pages of web copy – home, about, services, contact, and a 404 page
  • Wireframe of each page
  • Integration of brand voice and customer/market research
  • Headlines and CTAs
  • 2 revisions
  • 4-5 weeks timeline
  • New a la carte home page, $1200
  • Rewrite home page, $600

When you bundle other services, you get 10% off.

  • Additional flex pages – store, resources, blog, portfolio, etc.
  • Product descriptions 
  • Brand messaging guide
  • Email sequences
  • Market and/or customer research

Energetic Email Sequences

$500+ Investment

energy (ĕn′ər-jē), expressing one’s vitality and strength

Emails are a fantastic tool for establishing genuine, heartfelt connections with the people in your community.

When they’re infused with your mystical authenticity and true personality, they resonate with who they’re truly meant for.

Whether you need email sequences for launching, selling, welcoming, nurturing, or anything in between, my goal is to infuse them with heart, soul, and meaning. 

Let’s collaborate to create messages that inspire, transform, and elevate your community and business!

  • Emails integrated with your brand voice and customer/market research
  • 2 subject lines per email
  • 1 preview line per email
  • 1-2 CTAs per email
  • 2 revisions
  • 2-4 weeks timeline
  • $1200 for 10 sales or launch sequences
  • $500 for 5 welcome, nurture, or content sequences
  • Need ongoing emails? Inquire for custom, discounted pricing.

When you bundle other services, you get 10% off.

  • Additional emails and subject lines
  • Website copy
  • Sales page
  • Brand messaging
  • Market and/or customer research

Copy & Branding Retainer Flow

$2000+ investment

flow (flō), moving smoothly with effortless continuity

Skip the onboarding queue as a priority client with the retainer flow. 

Keep your spiritually rich messaging and copy flowing seamlessly with me as your go-to, “on-staff” spiritual copywriter and brand messaging strategist.

This option is perfect for businesses that need a little bit of everything above.

  • Copy integrated with your brand voice and customer/market research
  • Brand Messaging
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Copy
  • Emails
  • Sales Pages (short form)
  • Copy Audits
  • Copyediting
  • Lead Magnets
  • Ad Copy
  • Market and/or Customer Research
  • Social Media (captions and bio)
  • Product Descriptions
  • Copy Funnel Strategy
  • Revisions
  • 20 hours $2000
  • 30 hours $3000
  • 40 hours $3800

I’ve worked with several copywriters over the years, and Nadia is the most outside-the-box thinker and hands down the most creative copywriter I’ve worked with. I loved that I could provide a brief, and she would not only deliver great copy (on time!), but also provide great ideas for how to improve the overall strategy. Nadia is creative, punctual, an excellent communicator, and all around a joy to work with. I always feel like a priority when working with her, and the copy she delivers is top notch!

The Write Process

Fill out my inquiry form. I’ll contact you to set up a free quick discovery chat to make sure your goals are in alignment with my skill sets and availability.

If we decide to work together, I’ll send you a proposal and then an official contract along with your invoice. If you bundle any of my services, you get 10% off!

Next, I start your project. You’ll receive your questionnaire(s) for copywriting and branding, and/or we’ll schedule our branding calls.

Then it’s time for you to take a breather and do your thing while I handle your brand messaging and/or copy.

I’ll deliver your first draft for any revision before you take your final asset to the digital streets to do the WORK! 

You also get access to me via Slack (or email) for up to 2 weeks after your project wraps up for any minor follow-up questions.

Join these business owners who made the investment!

Spirituality Influencer, Coach & Course Creator
Womb Wellness Coach
Intuitive Brand Coach & Copywriter
Mental Fitness Coach
Breakup Coach & Course Creator
Panel Moderator, Speaker, & Coach

Launch Agency
Vegan Food Restaurant
Professional Listener
B2B SaaS & Hotel
Crystal Shop (e-comm)
Conscious Clothing Store (e-comm)

Self Development & Lifestyle Coach
Birthing Coach
Influencer & Content Creator
Bookkeeping & Accounting Coach

Diet & Wellness
Real Estate

Adult Travel
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Training Trainers
Pet Care

Grow your spiritual brand or business with soulful messaging and copywriting

Transform your spiritual business or brand with mesmerizing messaging and compelling copywriting.

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