Why Payhip is the Best Platform for Course Creators & Coaches

When I came across PayHip more than a year ago, I became a little lowkey obsessed with the platform. Shh.

Now, Payhip is undoubtedly the first platform I suggest to my Coaches and Course Creator clients for ALL the reasons. However, if you sell anything online, this platform is where it’s at. 

I’m just about ready to gush about a few of the reasons why Payhip is a strong platform contender. But first, the two things I look for in a platform are the costs and the ease of use.

I know, I know. As a Copywriter, I “shouldn’t” mention the features first, just the benefits. But honestly? 

Sometimes we really forget everyday people are starting businesses. They HAVE to care about these things, too. 

So, let’s talk about those dollars.

Payhip Pricing

Payhip’s pricing is SO good that I HAVE to start here.

The BEST part of all three of their plans is that it comes with ALL features. That means unlimited products and therefore unlimited revenue. No caps, my friend!

Now, let’s talk about the tiers.

It’s FREE to sign up, so don’t reach for your credit card yet (though I like the enthusiasm).

  1. The first plan is Free Forever with a 5% transaction fee as well as Paypal or Stripe’s regular fees. If your product is $10, they take a measly 50 cents, and then the processors do their 3% and change thing.
  2. The second tier is the Plus plan for $29/month. This price point is where a handful of other platforms start their pricing. The catch with the other guys and gals is you don’t  get unlimited features for that much. It also comes with a 2% transaction fee (20 cents if you sell something for $10) along with the Paypal/Stripe transaction fee.
  3. The Pro plan is $99/month. This is what most platforms offer as their starter pricing with all the fees and half the features. At this tier, there’s 0% PayHip fee, but once again, Paypal and Stripe have their charges.


When it comes to videos, here’s where Payhip stands out more.

If you decide to make videos, you have two options.

  1. Upload it to Youtube or another free or paid video platform and embed the link into Payhip for free.
  2. Or, for $5/month (YES, I SAID $5), they’ll host your videos for you.

Mind. Blown. 🤯

You’ll also have access to your funds ASAP. And I don’t know about you, but I love getting paid STAT.

Now that we’ve covered the costs, let’s talk about the features and benefits


Features & Benefits

What I love the most about PayHip is how multifaceted it is for Coaches and Course Creators. Even if you’re just a typical digital seller, you’re still going to WIN with this platform – lemme tell you, and I am telling you so keep listening closely.

If you have a freebie lead magnet or a low-ticket offer like an ebook, workbook, mini video course, templates, presets, or printables, you can host them ALL on PayHip.

You won’t need a separate platform or system. The downloads are instant. The checkout process is responsive. You can customize it with all your branding.

If you don’t have a website, you can use PayHip for that, too. Superboom!

Plus, a moment to acknowledge the upsell opportunity here. You can choose what to upsell and offer people opportunities to share your products with the promise of a discount code. That’s a well-oiled marketing machine situation right there.

If you happen to sell physical products like clothing, merch, or jewelry, Payhip has you covered as an e-comm platform, too. They have marketing tools like order fulfillment, analytics, and promos.

Now, let’s move on to Memberships, Coaching, and Courses.


Memberships, Coaching, and Courses


You can have multiple plans, including free trials, and share exclusive updates with your new clients in the form of PDFs, videos, text, MP3s, and more. Your members will have their own accounts so they can handle their subscriptions and all the stellar benefits that come with it.


You can schedule meetings, set up video calls, share events and chat with clients with the Calendly and Zoom integrations. It’ll be super easy for clients to get a session or consultation with you. And who knows what will spark into a product? *wink*


My favorite thing about PayHip is their course selling abilities. It’s a recent addition to their platform, and honestly, it changed the whole game! I LOVE that they’re always improving the platform as well.

You can have any kind of lesson and break them into manageable sections, too. I’m talking videos, text, quizzes, downloads, surveys, assignments, and embeds. You can even drip your content.

Of course, you can use the store builder to create that immaculate sales page and entice it with different price points like payment plans or coupons. You can even offer free lesson previews, or build momentum with a BANG! through pre-orders.
Your students also get their own accounts and you can award certificates for completion. They can also leave comments so you can make communication more effortless while building community.

And as I mentioned before, you can host your videos here for FREE granted they are hosted on a video platform like Youtube. Or pay the absolutely ridiculously small price of $5 for them to host it monthly. The videos are high-quality and suitable for any device as well.

Marketing Tools

Now, I want to take a moment to mention their marketing tools. It’s a sales and connection opportunity goldmine! Here are the options available:


Love ‘em.
Yes, spread the word, friends, fiends, family, and fans.
Let’s go.
It’s a must.
Yes, residual income
Social proof sells itself.
Email marketing
Simply integrate your email provider and grow your email list at the same time. As an Email Copywriter, yes, please email your list.
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Next slide

Payhip is build for you!

PayHip Dash

The Payhip customer service gives me hella cool vibes. I’ve talked to them because I like knowing that if I have a problem, they will help me resolve it.

Payhip is truly an amazing contender in the all-in-one platform arena. It started in 2011 and has been growing like wildfire, heat and all. 

There’s SO much potential for its growth with its expansion-minded team who gives off the vibes that they really care about creators. They are a self-funded team with the mission of helping 1,000 creators reach $1,000,000. I mean, LET’S GO ALREADY!


  • Your information and services are safe and secure.
  • You can sell whatever you want.
  • It’s super easy to use.
  • You can embed the links on your website or use their platform as your web front.
  • You can connect your domain.
  • It’s free to sign up with crazy good fees.
  • I use it (check out my copy shop), and I recommend it to my clients, too.

 What else can I say?!

*crickets* 🦗


If you want to sell your course, coaching, membership, or physical and digital goods, you gotta go with Payhip!

If you enjoyed this overview, here’s what else you’ll love.

  • If you’re totally feeling it (understandable so) and want to sign up for Payhip, I’d love to be your affiliate. Use my link to get started right. (I will earn a commission from my referral.)
  • If you’re interested in my Creative Copywriting services, I can write your landing pages, sales pages, product descriptions, web copy, emails, freebies, and more (including helping you set up your PayHip, but that’s just for you to know).


Thank you for living in your expertise because it makes the world a better place when you do what makes you happy.

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