Do You Need a Copywriter?

Looking to hire a Copywriter or an agency that offers copywriting?

There are many benefits to hiring a Copywriter… and a few reasons you should reconsider.

Let’s bypass the pain points of reading a long intro and get into it.

Here are 2 reasons you DON’T need a Creative, Converting Copywriter like me and 7 reasons you should hire a Copywriter.

2 reasons you may not need a Copywriter


If it's taking a lot of back and forth to explain what you want. If it's a matter of complexity in that you're literally speaking almost all of the copy in your explanation, you should reconsider hiring a Copywriter.


If you're always going to be tweaking the final copy. If it's not a matter of the copy being well done and more so due to the specificity of your emails and audience, you may not need a Copywriter.

In both of these cases, you may need to write the copy yourself and get a Copyeditor instead.

If you’re ready to hire a Copywriter, one or more of these reasons offer validation of your needs.

7 reasons you may need a Copywriter

1. Interest
If you have no INTEREST in writing, don't write. Don't underestimate how your lack of enthusiasm can show up in your copy in a number of adverse ways.
2. Subjectivity
When you're too close to your brand/business, you lack SUBJECTIVITY. You may be incapable of writing what your customers want/need to hear because of your personal biases. It may be tough to communicate your offers/services objectively because it makes sense to you (even though it sounds counterintuitive).
3. Time
If you don't have TIME to write, don't. Be sure you know what you want written - aka clear, achievable expectations and goals. (If it's too complex to explain, you may need to write it yourself and get a Copyeditor to refine it as I mentioned above.)
4. Grammar
If it's an issue of that good ol' GRAMMAR and structural *stuff*, you may need a Copyeditor - some Copywriters do both, so ask!
5. Lacking knowledge/skills
If you don't understand CONVERSION copywriting, you don't need to (unless that's your version of fun). It's okay to stick to what you're good at (you know, showing off YOUR expertise) when it's not necessary to learn a whole new skill.
6. Ready to outsource
When you want to grow, OUTSOURCING to a professional for their expertise helps you cut out those ink stained pain points.
7. You have a budget
If you have the BUDGET to get a Copywriter, do the write thing. Remember, expecting expert level services on an entry level budget is a no-no-no go.

There’s plenty more reasons you might need one of me, but these are the ones I see the most. 

If you find that one or more of the 7 reasons applied to you, check out my copywriting services and/or contact me to see if we can do something write together!

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