Testimonials for Benefits & Features

About: how you can use testimonials to help you decide which benefits and features to showcase on your sales pages and wherever else you talk about your business, product(s) or offer(s) – such as on social media. I’ll also break down the difference between a benefit and a feature.


Benefits & Features


Features are the WHAT. They're focused on facts. Facts need to be supported by something else when you're doing conversion based copywriting because people buy because they're moved by feels. Your features alone aren't going to make someone buy.


Benefits are the WHY. They are psychological, desire based, and emotion dense. They focused on the path of transformation, of how someone's life will improve from where they are now to where they want to ideally be. These are what truly get people in the buying mood.

If you want your copy to truly speak to an ideal customer, it’s pretty clear which one you should focus on.

If it’s not clear, however, focus on BENEFITS! People will most often buy your benefits, not your features.

The best place to see what your top performing benefits are is by reading through your TESTIMONIALS. These contain the roadmap you need to make a difference.

What do people repeatedly rave about? Those are your offer’s best assets and they should be at the top of your copy.


3 Tips for maximizing your copy with benefits

List Form
People naturally love seeing lists. Numbers and bulletin points helps us organize our mind, and the white space also makes it easier to read.
Bring it up in your copy!
Naturally weave those incredible benefits in your copy in every section with storytelling elements. You can also use a testimonial to highlight how this benefit helped someone else.
Outsource your copy!
This may all sound really great, but if you're not interested in writing your copy for any reason, hire someone like me to write that copy for you!
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