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The Email Tip Jar

A word doc

This download will help you elevate your email game with professional copywriting and expert marketing tips.

Get these free tips covering strategy, email copy, and more!

How to Remove Pain & Fear From Your Copywriting

An eBook

Copywriting doesn’t have to induce fear and poke at pain points to be effective. It’s time to get rid if these viral and toxic copywriting strategies!

Learn how to remove unethical fear based tactics from all your copy and still make impact and sales with this FREE flipbook!

Get it Started Resources

An eBook

If you’re dealing with platform overwhelm, it’s time to get back to the basics with easy to use software.

Download this FREE go-to resource flipbook!

The Write-Ink Thing Blog

Head to the blog to discover more free resources that’ll help you with your Copywriting and the marketing industry in general.