Frequently Asked Questions.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a style of writing. Its goal is to get someone to take an action such as clicking a button, signing up, opting in, or making a purchase.

I specialize in Creative Copywriting, which means I focus less on using fear and pain points. I find creative, authentic, and ethical ways to write your copy.

What copywriting services do you offer?

I specialize in Creative Copywriting for sales pages, emails, and web copy.

I sometimes write lead magnet eBooks, workbooks for your courses, standalone eBooks for sale, Facebook ads, and social media posts for certain clients.

I don’t write blog posts (anymore) or offer SEO (but I do use keyword optimization if I’m writing something for the web).

What if I don't see the kind of copywriting I want?

If you know your needs fits somewhat in my above listed services, it can’t hurt to reach out and inquire for clarification and/or a quote. I always stay open to trying new copy (for example, I write ebooks – both lead magnets and standalone books – but I don’t have it listed).

What's your process like?

Check out my services first. If you like what you see, here’s my 5 part process.

  1. Fill out my connect form if you feel we could be a match. That’ll give me the details I need to know if I can make it work.
  2. We’ll set up a connection call. This free 15-30 mins introductory call finalizes if your goals, my expertise, and our energy are compatible.
  3. If we both agree, I’ll send you a contract detailing the scope of work. After signing, I’ll send you a comprehensive brand questionnaire, and I’ll do some preliminary research.
  4. Once I have your completed questionnaire, I’ll begin customer and market research (if requested) so I can create an outline (or wireframe) for your approval. After finalizing the nuisances, I’ll start writing (and editing) the first draft.
  5. I’ll deliver the written goods to you for any adjustments and final approval. I’ll then send you the final copy and a best practices debrief document to assist you moving forward. I’ll also request a testimonial.
  • Follow Up – We broke digital bread together, and it’s important for me to reach out in a few weeks to see how my work impacted your business. 

How do you handle payments?

I handle payments through Stripe. Full amount is expected before writing begins.

Do you have a copywriting portfolio or samples?

Yes. You can check out my portfolio for samples.

(I aim to update it once a month.)

What if we're not a "vibe" and I don't like what you've written?

  • My connect form and connection call exists to filter if we are or aren’t a match before a contract is signed and payment is made.
  • The contract’s purpose is to make sure the scope of work is understood before the copywriting process begins.
  • The questionnaire and outline (wireframe) is the final reassurance we’re on the same page before I start writing.
  • I also include 2 revisions with every service (all past clients used 1 or none).

I haven’t had to cancel or refund a contract so far, so it’s highly unlikely we’ll have this issue. I’m very thorough (and a little picky).

Do you have any testimonials?

I do. You can read them here.

I'm not sure I'm ready to hire a Copywriter. What can I do in the meantime?

That’s okay! Feel free to peruse my free resources, my blog, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I’m always posting free info you can use. 

Most importantly, if you can’t afford copywriting, me or otherwise, execute patience. Getting it done for cheap may cost you more in the long run in dollars, time, and execution.

You may also be the best person to write your copy. Give it a go and get the copy audited (I offer these services as well).

"I am thrilled with the results from working with Nadia! I knew from the very first time I spoke with her that I needed to work with her. She is amazing to work with and really inspired me to channel my creative side within my own business. She is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise and she is so flexible to work with. She really helped me improve my business and I can confidently say anyone that works with her won’t regret it. Thank you Nadia!"
Christina M.
Ads Manager

Ready to let authenticity be your copywriting compass?